Human Design is the decision making tool of our time.

Human Design is a visual mapping system and language of the human species. We are all unique and beyond comparison, we call this the science of differentiation and self-discovery. It illustrates our specific characteristics and roles in life. Imagine an actual owners manual for your vehicle (mind and body). Human Design provides a wealth of knowledge about the mechanics of our physical and mental lives. It's a simple, direct and practical formula that's great for parents to better understand their children and raise them according to their true nature.

Human Design now will uncover and empower the person inside you. Practicing it will help you recognize patterns in your life that are not working. Through your individual design you will discover what is defined and trustworthy, and where you are vulnerable and why. To know your design is to understand how you connect to others and to the changing world around you. To see your design is to see yourself as you are, here, in the now.

Radical Transformation

Your Human Design chart offers enormous insights into your unique nature through what is called the four transformations: Nutrition, Environment , Perspective, and Motivation .This is a step by step guided journey that happens in order moving from the body to the mind.

Explore and Accomplish

Life is dualistic. Decisions are based on either "this" or "that." We live by these choices. By practicing Human Design you can begin to test your way of deciding. Your chart definition is who you are all the time. The definition in your chart is the student. This is where you are consistent and reliable.

The basic principles of Human Design is that part of you is 'a student' and everything else is 'the classroom'. It's about distinguishing 'what you are' from 'what you are not' within yourself. This open (not) part of you is designed to gain wisdom through what could be called unlearning . By letting go, you see the range of experiences possible without taking it personally. The practice of De-conditioning leads to acceptance and surrender.

Exercise Your Aura

Your introductory reading begins a genetic learning process. This is a body learning experience as opposed to mental learning. Your aura is your body's sphere of influence, and it talks. It's our electro-magnetic frequency. The aura has all the genetic information that transmits between us. This is our language and it has eluded us, because we could not quantify it. Human Design is the decoder and provides the communication skills so we can live a life with less resistance.

Participating in simple group exercises offers profound insight about the mechanics of our emotional nature and the proper role of the mind. Life is mechanical and you live in a vehicle, riding through time and space framed as an illusion. Human Design provides the tools and the tricks for living correctly in our modern complex lives.

Human Design Now offers radical transformation when applying a holistic approach. Committing to long term practice will bring you deeper into understanding your personal biology and psychology in a truly revolutionary way.