Stephen Rebolledo May 2018

Stephen Rebolledo is a compassionate expert Human Design analyst. The Human Design system is a revelatory and effective modality that supports individuals to operate according to his or her nature by identifying and accepting their innermost needs and drives. Genetic Yoga is the practice of honoring your true self.

Human Design provides customized, simple tools for health — mental, emotional and physical — for optimum stress management and acceptance of self and loved ones. One of only a handful of practitioners to have studied directly under Human Design’s founder, Ra Uru Hu, he began his practice in 2003, is approaching 5,000 analyses, and looks forward to many more!

Stephen has a show business background, having worked as a concert promoter and an off-Broadway company manager prior to pursuing his license in Human Design.  His own transformation to self-love began by exploring this complex system, and he found his life’s calling. Stephen has since operated Human Design consultancies in California, Hawaii and Martha's Vineyard, and is especially thrilled to be developing a community here in New York City.

“It is my humble privilege to be of service. Not in my wildest dreams could I have imagined impacting so many people with something this valuable and revolutionary. I feel real pride and receive great satisfaction doing this work.” - Stephen Rebolledo

 Stephen is a certified analyst under the auspices of Jovian Archive Corporation and offers:

  • Individual Analysis

  • Partnership Analysis

  • Living Your Design Guide

  • Family Analysis

  • Cycle Readings

  • Primary Health Analysis

  • Rave Psychology Color Analysis

  • Dream Rave Analysis

  • Rave Cosmology