A reading can restore a sense of purpose and meaning in your life. It's permission to be yourself by surrendering to your true nature.

Foundation Reading

Start the journey to self- awareness with the most important chart you will ever own. An initial reading begins with an introduction to the chart layout. Then we look at what is colored in and white in the chart. This leads to your decision making strategy and your inner authority. Now you are ready to begin the experiment or experience of testing and proving to yourself if the information offered is valid (or not). You can only teach yourself who you are. The chart offers an opportunity to watch yourself. The goal is to be your own authority in your life, and to truly trust yourself.

Introductory Reading: By Phone - $250 In Person* - $350

Includes a PDF of chart emailed to you. 60 minutes to understand profile/definition/strategy/authority

Also available: printed summary of your design with laminated pages of chart in a binder $75

Follow up readings: By phone - $175 In Person* - $250

Continue analysis of chart and dive deeper 

Note: Stephen can also do an analysis of two charts merged (spouse, business partners, parent/child, siblings etc.)

* In Manhattan only 

 Become a Genetic Yoga Member

The Four Radical Transformations:  As you begin experimenting with strategy and authority, your variable can be introduced.  Variable is comprised of four aspects of your chart. This information is part of Primary Health System (PHS) and Rave Psychology. This is a Holistic approach to the formula of life. As unique beings all clients are approached as a true individual and will have their own learning curves.

  1. Nutrition (Optimal way of processing nutrients).   

  2. Environment (Where you meet the least resistance from others).   

  3. Perspective (How your mind views life)   

  4. Motivation (Literally the reason for acting or behaving in a particular way).

This is a continual process and requires a long term commitment. Genetic Yoga is the practice of living your true potential. This includes the following readings:

  1. Solar Return Birthday. (Annual weather report, what you will encounter in the year ahead.

  2. Saturn Return (Around 30 years old)

  3. Uranus Opposition (Mid life, around 40 years old)

  4. Kiron Return (Around 50 years old)

    Also Available:

    Relationship Analysis: This reveals the chemistry between any two people. It shows where you end and the next person begins. See what attracts you to another. Recognize people for who they are and forgive them for being themselves. Cost $200.00 (May require more than one session).

    Family Analysis: See your family as individuals. Learn the dynamics of how everyone relates to each other. See the family as complete unit and the dynamics of the family itself.

    Living Design An interactive education into experimenting with the mechanics of the Human Design System. This is a two day course. (This is great for groups. Ask me about putting a group together) Minimum of five students. Book purchase required.  Cost $350.00 per person plus book.

    Continuing Education

    A Human Design chart is incredibly deep. The detail revealed is astounding. The beauty is you can choose to only learn what you need to see your life or you can get a thorough education into the mechanics of the entire system. All education is tailored to provides outlets in both directions.