Whether intentional or not, we often raise our children based on our own upbringing. We are bombarded with an abundant amount of parenting advice: parenting books, "mommy" groups, pediatrics, etc. Much of it is practical, most of it may not be applicable to the Human Design of your child.

When you bring a child into the world, you are basically caring for a stranger who is often different from you. Actually they share more genetically with their grandparents than their parents. Human Design produces a chart like a ‘blueprint'. This 'blueprint' acts as an owners manual that helps your child make better decisions, process their stress, and create smoother interactions with others throughout the developmental stages of their life.

The Human Design body chart is a genetic map.  It reveals how we are different and unique in our nature. Its main purpose is to guide us towards making correct decisions. It provides a type, strategy and authority to live by.  It also reveals many things – like our sleeping and learning patterns, social disposition, nutritional guidelines, environmental needs, perspective, motivation and our wisdom inclination. This information even addresses the nature of autism.

Our children have a tremendous advantage of not having to "let go" or "unlearn" the things we as adults have taken on that complicate our lives. Young children are generally true to their nature and display what the chart reveals. All you need to do is reinforce in them what is apparent and the result is a life of less resistance, proper development, and significantly easier parenting.

Understanding your child and your family through this knowledge can save thousands of dollars and hours of wasted energy on frustration, anger, bitterness and disappointment. We are here to experience satisfaction, success, peace and surprise. Imagine moving towards living in an environment that is full of respect and smooth communication. If you enter a Human Design program practicing this knowledge, I am confident you will see positive results.

When you have multiple people in your home, each person provides a tremendous opportunity for understanding and learning. It all starts with a reading for mom and/or dad and then the children follow. After the initial reading, revelations begin to arise. Once all family members are established, continual support and empowerment through Genetic Yoga is highly recommended to maintain a correct understanding of what you are experiencing.

Life is a movie. Most people will live out their life as an "extra" in someone else's film. I am here to support and guide you and your family to "star" in your own movie. Imagine what this opportunity could mean for your family. Empower your children by sharing the most important map you they will ever navigate!

All sessions are customized. Please contact me directly to discuss cost and program options.