Many clients feel a huge sense of relief when they have their first Human Design reading. They feel validated for being who they are rather than trying to be what others want them to be. This often begins to release years of guilt, anger, shame and blame.

“My daughter, Mikaela and I both had a reading and it is scary how spot on it was for me. I am also starting to see certain traits coming out in Mikaela as she is getting older.” Olga, 2018

“This has changed the course of my whole life and I know I will be much happier.” Rhonda 2018

“I’ve been very frustrated and defeated that I am not generating something on my own. I see other people go out into the world and create things and I think ‘What is wrong with me for not being able to do that?’ It is so helpful to know that it’s just not who I am, and not what I am meant for” Kate 2018

“Nothing has been the same since my reading with Stephen.” Kerem 2018

“Stephen single handedly saved my marriage. I have been communicating with my husband like I never have before and now we have a chance to be together the way we were meant to be.” Shoko 2018

“I am going to use what I learned all the time and take a much quieter approach to life.” Allison 2018

“Following my strategy and authority has helped me rearrange my life to make more money and work less.” Heather 2016

“There is much to learn from Stephen and it takes many conservations for the information to be absorbed, through it all he is very patient and thorough. Every conversation leaves me with a feeling of excitement, empowerment and hope. Stephen awakens my awareness.”    Sarah 2015

“I am now healthier than I have ever been and I experience my life as  fulfilling and authentic. Six years later I look back. I thought I was having a good life and that a reading would make it better... It became much more than that. I am awake in the life I am already living. In my opinion, anyone who gets to benefit by Stephen commitment and knowledge is very fortunate. Much Gratitude!”     Carl 2015

“Hearing someone on the other line who looked at each person as an individual, and who could offer me strategies to deal, was so comforting. Stephen is very knowledgeable, and his work opens the door to a lifetime of intentional self-observation, if you are open to it. This doesn't mean life will be pain-free, but it does mean you will have new tools for observing and decreasing your suffering. “    Gaby 2015

 “I believe I learned more about HD from Stephen then from anyone else.  He was thought provoking in presenting quite a variety of levels of understanding. He was patient and encouraged questioning and conjecturing.  I learned the key elements in understanding my design/personality, which has changed my life in many ways.”       Carolyn  2015

 “I had my first session with Stephen several months ago and have found the information I received enormously helpful, it almost made me sad that I did not have it sooner in my life.  The impact of the reading was akin to being fire hosed with truth and then having to let it settle in.  You cannot begin to absorb it all in one sitting because the density of the session requires listening to the information multiple times.  This insight into myself has given me great tools for handling my own energetic system and in addition, being able to interface with others in a much more productive way.”       Martha  2015

“It takes Stephen 1 hour to do what it takes me 10 years to accomplish as a psychologist.” Shannon 2008

“It is amazing how accurate the readings were. Stephen had such a profound affect on the way my family interacts. We are so grateful.” Chuck 2007