Stephen is a great support. He has a deep knowledge of The Human Design System. He is willing to share it in a thoughtful and compelling way. With his support and encouragement, I have been able to practice, explore and experiment with my authentic self. Using this information, I am able to make decisions that keep me aligned with my correct path. On this correct path I am able to see and accept my authentic self and use this awareness to shed what is not mine.

There is much to learn from Stephen and it takes many conservations for the information to be absorbed, through it all he is very patient and thorough. Every conversation leaves me with a feeling of excitement, empowerment and hope. Stephen awakens my awareness.    Sarah Toste 4.12.15


Stephen was my first teacher of Human Design and became a good friend and colleague. I had my foundation reading with Stephen in the spring 2009. Little did I realize at the time the impact that it would have on my life. Over the next several years, I moved through tremendous health challenges. Stephen guided me in using my strategy and authority and it literally saved my life. I am now healthier than I have ever been and I experience my life as  fulfilling and authentic. With his encouragement and guidance I also decided to become a Human design professional.

Six years later I look back. I thought I was having a good life and that a reading would make it better... It became much more than that. I am awake in the life I am already living. In my opinion, anyone who gets to benefit by Stephen commitment and knowledge is very fortunate.    Much Gratitude-      Carl Johnson 2.21.15


On the recommendation of a friend, I decided to ask Stephen for a reading. The moment I called him to set it up, I felt tears well up in my eyes. I had been going through a hard time, meeting my own obstacles, repeatedly, and not knowing how to get past them. Hearing someone on the other line who looked at each person as an individual, and who could offer me strategies to deal, was so comforting. Stephen is very knowledgeable, and his work opens the door to a lifetime of intentional self-observation, if you are open to it. This doesn't mean life will be pain-free, but it does mean you will have new tools for observing and decreasing your suffering. -     Gaby Redner 2.8.15


 Stephen Rebolledo is a teacher of Human Design who offers a very unique perspective in that he brings the perspective and understanding mothers can have in their care of the young.  His focus is basically futuristic as he combines the HD knowledge into fostering autonomy through working with mothers, who learn the type, profile, PHS (Primary Health System), circuitry of their child in relationship to the parents and other family members.  This process eliminates much of the confusion young mothers’ face in handling day to day issues such as eating, sleeping, and encouraging the child's true nature. For the reason, the feminist perspective, so often neglected elsewhere, is brought to bear for its present and past implications. It is the mother who has primary influence in conditioning the child; she has the hand which rocks the cradle.   

Stephen is quite personable and has a great sense of humor.  He brings every member of his class into viewing not only his/hers own HD, but seeing and appreciating others' as well. We had PHS potlucks and experimented with various modalities of food preparation, meal times and atmospheres. His classes were fun, interesting and a dynamic way to get to know others.  

I believe I learned more about HD from Stephen then from anyone else.  He was thought provoking in presenting quite a variety of levels of understanding.  He was patient and encouraged questioning and conjecturing.  I learned the key elements in understanding my design/personality, which has changed my life in many ways. -       Carolyn Ritchie   2.4.15


I had my first session with Stephen several months ago and have found the information I received enormously helpful, it almost made me sad that I did not have it sooner in my life.  The impact of the reading was akin to being fire hosed with truth and then having to let it settle in.  You cannot begin to absorb it all in one sitting because the density of the session requires listening to the information multiple times.  This insight into myself has given me great tools for handling my own energetic system and in addition, being able to interface with others in a much more productive way. -       Martha Cordell   2.2.15